the shot

After pinning my heart on the blog last Thursday, I was a vision of renewal.  My eyes glittered, back straightened.  I worried I might blind people if I smiled at them.  My giddy transformation was outshone only by the subsequent horror – that the chalk line had officially been drawn, that the pistol has been shot!

Following a dizzying circle of indecision – re-reading the 30-things list five times as if I had never seen it before – I decided to strike number 15 off the bucket list, and knit something wearable.

It struck me as weather appropriate.  From past, similar warm intentions, piles of unused and beautiful yarn skeins have been a source of guilt for some time, packed in the back of my closet.  Of course, they’ll have to wait there a little longer. I took a different route.  Thanks to ‘Wired Jewelry’ by Kath Orsman, I decided to knit a necklace.

The pimp thing about knitting with wire is that it’s way more forgiving than yarn.  An hour into it I was so pleased, I anticipated my imminent success.  I practiced draping it around my neck…here it is draped on a leaf:  at one point, it wanted to play some piano and then, at the very end, i messed it up.

Eventually, I ended up fixing it.  But that was after the outrage.  The despairing disappointment.  The quick, desperate recovery.  Plan B – make a bracelet.

So, there you have it.  I finished with such triumph, such savagery, I pulled the knots tight with my teeth.         15. knit something wearable.  it’s wearable, right?  you’d wear it?  try not to answer if you’re thinking no.


One thought on “the shot

  1. It’s lovely. I also have boxes of yarn sitting around and piles of pattern books purchased with the best of intentions. Projects are so alluring when they’re just around the corner and not sitting in the middle of my life with stacks of more urgent to-do items all over the place. I’m especially bad at finishing things when they start to get boring or frustrating, so I admire your sticktoitiveness (that’s a word, right?) in finishing this!

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