love letters and my side of the mountain

We should go ahead and clarify that, prior to this blog, a handful of ’30 things’ have already been accomplished.  And nothing has been accomplished more absolutely and more frequently than number 23 – write a love letter and send it.

Oh, I’ve written love letters.  Some were unsolicited, and ultimately unrequited.  Some were the glittering products of my favorite holiday, Valentine’s month.  I’ve also written one fan letter to the great Craig Thompson. (— My curly h’s and b’s can be seen in his august 29, 2009 blog post!)

Thankfully, the letters I now send tend to arrive in the hands of people I know personally and deeply, who love me too.  But I’d like to defend some of my miscalculated efforts to say that, apart from the thinly veiled admiration, I also wrote with genuine good faith that nothing is quite so wonderful as the art of letter-writing.

They say letter writing is dead.  A part of me agrees.  I’ve had my self-righteous bouts – where I’ve refused to answer my cell-phone or use the internet for weeks, when I’ve only communicated by letter.  But then, I’ve also become too sad or busy to write.  Or, I’ve had moments when the longer time passes, the more embarrassing trying to respond by pen becomes.  Still, I’m nostalgic for a time period I wasn’t born into.  I’m endlessly moved by the motions of penning or receiving a letter.  Few things are sweeter, I think.

p.s. the pictured letters were sent today.  they should arrive at their destinations in 3-5 business days.

p.p.s. can we briefly geek out about ‘Wildwood‘?

Alright.  Okay.  First, I had no idea that the lyrical Colin Meloy, lead singer of the Decemberists, is MARRIED to the absurdly talented illustrator, Carson Ellis.  Second, in a perfect marriage of their talents, the two went ahead and created Wildwood, and it is as amazing as my suspenseful, poetic waxing would suggest.  Do you know how good this book is?  For the first time in my life, the idea of birthing a child into this frightening world actually has a redemptive ring of hope to it.  I’ve worried about this.  I’ve thought, what will our ‘Twilight’-loving future look like, filled with a generation of kids who don’t have penmanship classes, who don’t read ‘My Side of the Mountain’ or Nancy Drew?  But Wildwood is magic.  Kids who read this book will be inspired to be self-sufficient and smart and adventurous.  The future is not so bleak, my friends.  The generation that grows up with this book will fix our economy and have national free ice cream day thursdays… Mhmm.

So, read and write.  There it is.


One thought on “love letters and my side of the mountain

  1. Mine is one of the envelopes seen here. I received it after a very long Friday and boy did it make me smile…. there really is very little that is sweeter.

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