So, it literally just occurred to me that today is a Thursday, and that on Thursdays I blog.  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry, I was celebrating the first day of December by staring at this while painting:

East of Eden James Dean is conducive to success, I find.  And, entirely independent of productivity, can I just point at him in this scene?

Oh man.

Mature, I know.  It’s a dark place – fandom.  I used to be worse.  At one point, enough people associated James Dean’s icon with me, he completely surrounded me.  He was on my coffee cups, on coasters, plastered on walls, framed, brooding on notebooks.  A life-size cardboard cut-out startled me on a daily basis.  I even gave a speech on him in a college speech class…

Eventually I realized that I had exceeded the average creep quotient.  And so began my slow, quiet descent from my obsession, so unwrapped my fanatical grasp on history’s hottest loner.  Still, watching him today (and yesterday, with two other lookers in Giant),  it made my head shake.  Incredible.

In other news, War and Peace is so epic I can’t even —- finish this sentence.

In other other news, the countdown begins to the 25th.  Each advent chocolate will bring us closer to pictures of my latest Christmas craft endeavors.  Hooray!  Or, boo?


some sugar

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