sweet holiday love

1. Yesterday, while watching my rad new pair of socks ring up, the cashier asked me how I was.  Fine, thank you.  And him?  Well too.

Of course, there was more than just the socks.  Shifting my weight onto my other foot, I found myself tying recent conversations together in my head, generalizing.  The New Year.  Exciting?  Wonderful?  It seems 2011 was difficult for many people, I quipped.  Friendly.  I was surprised when he politely disagreed.

“I try not to complain too much,” he said humbly, smiling, before handing me my bag.


2. It’s early, early a.m.   And I like it, the quiet.  And this quiet heart that comes with it is the sweetest.  My favorite place.  It’s worth mining for, preserving, worth finding over and over, I’ve realized.


3.  The holidays have occasioned meeting with all my favorite people in life.  It’s as if Christmas has been extended, it keeps happening.  Tonight, tomorrow, into the new year.  So busy.  Baking.  Smiling.  Laughing.

Is it strange that I don’t have the heart to say more?  To add anything?  What a wonderful feeling.  Happy, happy New Year.


some sugar

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