a new year, part one.

Hello 2012!  Two things.

1. It was great catching up with friends and family this past holiday.  And by “catching up” I mean I am sorry for constantly talking about productivity and waste and my blog while you were just trying to eat your Christmas cookie.  I’m sorry.

That said, in my endeavor to evade the inevitable What have you been up to lately? I’ve been more talk than walk for the past few weeks.  Therefore, a mini challenge.  This neglected painting has been hogging easel space for a month and-a-half:

it’s just the beginning.  That initial slop of colors to start building on.  But the mini-dare is to post the same painting next week.  Hopefully it will look a little different?


2. At Target today, a baby fest was happening.  As most people who don’t solely communicate via Facebook know, I am no stranger to babies….   But Target was tricky today.  Mini-meltdowns were happening everywhere.  In the Christmas clearance aisle, a cheeky four-year old hit me with a roll of paper while yelling, “FA LA LA LA LAAAA” at the back of her distressed mother.  Another little boy stomped and cried, “But what if I don’t liiiike it enough?” as his dad placed FiberOne cereal into the cart.

Nirvana hit when I came upon a display made up of heart-shaped goods.  Yes! Valentine’s month!  My heart caught up in my throat.  Reaching for, well, initially all of it, I suddenly stopped.  I remembered a recent promise to budget this year’s February-related things.  That small number.  I suddenly thought of everything that makes February February: the cute things, the paper, the baked goods, mailing, movies, and so on.  And then my mind exploded with my own mini-meltdown.  But what if no one feels loooooved enough?  I screamed to myself, hiccuping.

Anyway, all is well, friends.  I will love you so hard (and eco-friendly-like) next month.  This is simply my long-winded way of asking, are you ready?


2 thoughts on “a new year, part one.

  1. Oh, I am so ready. I got a leftover issue of Better Homes and Gardens (from some annoying free-year spam thingy) yesterday with its list of homemade Valentine’s crafts, and immediately thought of you. Y’know, I used to hate February, but you love it too much for me to keep that up. 🙂

    • oh how wonderful! will definitely be hurling some heart-shaped valentine joy at you! or, david tennant-shaped? well, hopefully nothing illegal-shaped…

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