lunch is magic.

This week, the theme has been talking about how fast the week is going.  The consensus: real fast!

Hello, friend.  It’s Thursday morning.  I’ve decided to come clean early in the day, and own up to the fact that the most exciting, most productive thing I have done this entire week is make lunch for myself.  But my friend, have you not been excited about lunch before?  Have you not thought to yourself that next to breakfast, and then dinner, lunch is quite possibly one of the greatest meals of the day?  And in the process of making lunch for yourself, has it never once occurred to you that you are fulfilling one of your life’s great passions?

This week, this happened.  I made lunch for myself.  And for the first time ever, it was kawaii!!!

Meet my bento (one of three new ones):

On this day, little fish-sausage octopii squeezed together in the top tier, snuggled near the mini sauteed mushrooms:

Cucumber men guarded the daikon maki rolls from the cucumber ones.  The tamago nestled neatly nearby.

Did I squeal the whole time?  Not important.  But from the moment I dumped the sushi rice into a non-metal bowl, fanning while fluffing, to rolling out my first maki, I was totally thrilled.  I thought of the Japanese mothers who pack these meals daily.  That national attention to detail.  And don’t get me started on the process of packing and compartmentalizing tiny space.  Oh man.

I can’t wait to make more, to make this a daily endeavor, to make them for my loved ones…  It’s so meditative.  And I need to employ at least 85% of my heart, to make it.  In my dreams, I hope my bentos will range from Italian to Ethiopian!  Stay tuned.  You have not seen the last of my explorations into this heart-shaped and edible art!


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