Dear Mi Amors (is that how it works?  pluralizing like that?), or, excuse me, just Googled it, Mis Amores,

Just had a revelation.  I realized that next week, the next time we meet, we will be sitting on the goldmine that keeps on mining itself — VALENTINE’S MONTH.  And we haven’t had this talk yet!  So sit down my friend.  Let me tell you about the birth of the most sparkling, most magical month.  Let me tell you about  February.

Once upon a time, in my early years of college, Valentine’s day started to approach.  It was hard to ignore.  Two extremes existed.  There were, of course, the madly in love, self-absorbed, ooey-gooey, chocolatey(?), bad-poetry passing cliches that were indisputably nauseating.  And then there were the nauseated, the upset, the angry who consumed entire tubs of ice cream and all things Hugh Grant, and who were also, in a word, cliche.

That year, changes were happening.  I was confused.  I was switching schools.  I wondered when I had started wearing pajamas in public, and why I was listening to so much Rufus Wainwright.  I pondered the extremes around me, and felt close to neither.  To the couples flaying their hearts in public, affixing the weight of their romance to this one day – shouldn’t every day be valentine’s day?  To the lonely, the restless – must this day be more miserable than usual?  I shook my head.  And then it hit me.  EVERY DAY SHOULD BE VALENTINE’S DAY, FOR EVERYONE!!!

Holy Shakespeare, you know?  It was beautiful.  It was epic.  How to do this?  I wondered.

I started remembering what I used to love about it in grade school.  The valentines!  I sat down with glue sticks and colored papers, penned several heart-felt notes to good friends, and mailed them.  TRADITION.  Check.  Read Jane Eyre for the first time. Charlotte Bronte rules so hard, I realized.  Must read this book at least every other year.  TRADITION.  Check.  And it went on!  That first year, it was all about discovering what truly excited me.  Chocolates.  Tea.  Wrapping paper.  Colin Firth.  So many passions that make me who I am today were refined in that one month.

That first Valentine’s month was truly wonderful, albeit self-indulgent.  But as the years have gone by, it has started to grow into something else, something more.  It has started to include more people, strangers even.  It has started to become more heart-shaped.  A few weeks ago, I was actually going on about the pressures of Valentine’s month.  But upon reflection, that was just grumpy January-me talking.  February restores me.  On a scale of 1-100, my faith in mankind meter blows up to 110%, in February!  I literally fall in love with almost everyone this month.  Almost — Newt Gingrich is a little tough on the heart.  But you know?  You hear me?  I love you?!

To celebrate we will double the ambition.  Slapped some washes on TWO canvases tonight.  You will see them, changed or not, next week:

The thrill is here.  Cannot wait to share this month with you, blog-readers!


4 thoughts on “START COUNTING.

  1. You know, you’ve done the impossible for me. You’ve actually got me looking forward to February, generally my most-hated month, simply because of how much you enjoy it (Also, I’ve got something Valentine’s Month-y for you, so that’s another incentive to see you sometime soon).

  2. to be fair, part of what makes valentine’s month extra magical are the wonderful friends who make my heart smile! i actually have a special edition valentine plan for the barney family. so, you basically have no choice. you will see me very, very soon!

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