dear darling dear

While standing in line at the post office today, a woman pushed her stroller close behind me.  She suddenly yelled.  “In your pockets!  What did I say about hands in pockets?  I wasn’t talking to myself.  No.  I was de-fi-nit-ely talking to you.”  Silence was the response.  In fact, the whole room, postmasters included, suddenly hushed.  So silent was it, I briefly entertained the idea that she was talking to herself.  Then I wondered if she was talking to me.  I gasped quietly.  What did she say about hands in pockets?  Desperately, I tried to remember.  Finally, I quickly peeked into her stroller to see if there really was a small child there, or if it was empty and she expected me to get in.

There was a child, to my relief.  And, for the record, this is not a snide jab at the joys of parenthood.  It’s merely an illustration of how sensitive I am to yelling.  Thankfully, my brief anxiety was soon replaced by the conscientious stamping of a few mini parcel posts…a few of several being sent this month.  Because, oh, have I not mentioned it?  It’s HERE, it’s happening now —-happy, happy FEBRUARY!

Oh, how to blog to you in this state of total thrill?  Pictures!  Yes.  Here.  Yesterday, to celebrate the first of an epic 29 days, these were the valentines handed out:  

they’re paper AND magnets.  Because, who doesn’t need a magnet?  And who doesn’t like to receive their magnets in silk baggies with Chinese proverbs?  

The proverb: “If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.”

Today I worked on those paintings I posted last week.  But admittedly, I did it rather absentmindedly.  I kept pausing to wrap tomorrow’s valentines:

(I like it when you can hold them in your hands):

With Valentine’s Month competing for all my attention and energy, the paintings definitely took a hit.  I didn’t realize I failed to photograph one of the paintings until the camera photos uploaded sans evidence of it.  And I worked on this one, mostly, though I haven’t come close to finishing it:

The subject, with her beaming, crooked smile, is someone I’m quite excited about.  The other painting is related.  And I have a whole story to tell you about.  We’ll have to save it for next week.  Forgive me for this week’s failed promise?  To be honest, I’m too happy and too excited to believe you won’t!

hugs, hugs, hugs!


some sugar

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