whispering, in heart-shaped code

Hello, hello!

For those of you just joining us, it is in fact Thursday, the ninth of February.  The sun, however misplaced, has appeared and set.  We are looking at an interesting forecast of possible snow showering as well as snow not showering.  Thanks to the cosmic demise of our nation, I paid entirely too much money for gas today.  And finally, according to recent polls, puppies are cute!  Very, very cute.

In other news, February has had a shockingly calming effect on me, this first week.  Historically, the first day is marked by running, shouting, and hurling baked goods at people’s faces.  However, of late, my mini projects have kept me very quiet.  Even my mind whispers… which is worrisome, as sometimes I can’t hear it.  But my hands!  Two chatty-Cathys!  Here is what they’ve been saying.

first and foremost we have this year’s valentines.  arriving soon to a mailbox near you, friend-whose-address-i-have!

on monday, those within my close proximity definitely got proposed to.

ribbon rings.  say yes.

and finally, in a few days, more people within my close proximity will have reason to order take-out:

chopstick holders for your chopsticks!

While molding them, I kept rewinding that part in ‘Love Actually’ when Colin Firth proposes in Portuguese.  Smiled with relief every time she said yes.  Dare I say, he inspired the beating heart action of each little bird?

Anyway, technically I’m ruining a few surprises, for which I apologize.  But future posts may help realize that this could just be me being very, very, suspiciously quiet this Valentine evening.



3 thoughts on “whispering, in heart-shaped code

  1. So glad that your hands have been busy….you are so gifted! I, however have hit the proverbial wall…cant seem to get the old wheels turning… So your V month thoughts and gifts will arrive late…so sorry. You do keep me inspired though!!

    • ah, please don’t worry about the totally made-up holiday month! 🙂 we simply need to hang out more this year. also, i’m very confident some lovely art is going to come out of the gahanna craft room this year!

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