promise waits dreaming

All day my heart has been audibly beating.  It thunders in my ears, spills out, reverberating.  It’s discomforting and wonderful at the same time.  An endless, silent thrill.

Currently looking for something to tether myself to.  I would very much like to experience breathing normally again.  If anyone has rope and knows, oh, I don’t know, Nelson Mandela?  He seems calming.  Contact me immediately.

In other news, my dear, dear friend Emily has a great food blog I’d like to share.  Whenever I visit, I never know what country her kitchen will be representing.  Her blog, the kitchen tourist, generously shares her many culinary adventures, of which I am always happy to be a part of.  I actually visited the Barney house a few days ago.  Why?  This month, silly!  And of course, dreams came true.

For my adventurous foodie friends, a visit to France:

Buche de noel, complete with marzipan mushrooms!  In grade school, my classmates and I had this sweet, pretty teacher we called Madame A (pronounced ahhhhh).  When Christmas came around, she brought a buche de noel and told us about how special it was, and how difficult it was to make.  It has been hyped up in my mind ever since.  As it turns out, Valentine joy + Barney girls = Christmas in February!  Isn’t it cute?

In other friend news, I do have to share the most singular valentine I have ever made.  For my Lovecraft-loving co-worker, a special necklace:

Get it?  Cthulhu waits dreaming?  I had to paint it after wading through some very dense fandom, in my initial effort to grasp at this root of all evil.  Very romantic pendant.  The best part was the warm hug I received for it!

Without a doubt, the opportunity to love on as many friends as possible is the main motivation for this month.  In my determination to celebrate, awkwardness and custom are defied repeatedly, and I try to reach for as many people as possible, to hug.  Admittedly, now that the 14th has come and gone, I can sense the interest shift, some bewilderment now replaces it.  But this is common.  And, I’ve celebrated too many of these to be discouraged.  Also, the baking portion of this month has begun (a new strategy).

Of course, this blog has been blah for it, no?  I admit it.  I agree.  For these last two weeks, I do plan on applying this aching, jungle drum heart to more personal efforts.  If you’ll have a little faith, next week should have more substance.

In the meantime, everyone got homemade kettle corn yesterday and today!


3 thoughts on “promise waits dreaming

  1. That was good dessert! Thank you for bringing making it and sharing! I’d have a hard time sharing… haha. I enjoyed that background story!

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