happy leap week!

A few posts back, I mentioned my friend Emily Barney and her wonderful culinary endeavors.  I forgot to also mention that, thanks to her, I am well on my way to accomplishing another number on my 30-list – learn flowers and their meanings.  Obviously Emily was using her librarian skillz, because I am now the happy owner of a hard-to-find Language of Flowers book…

Earlier this week, a “declaration of love” appeared on the dining table.  It’s actually my favorite sentiment – declarations of love.  You could also call it Fame…  You could also call it Tulips.

I love tulips.  They’re so elegant, so moving to me.  But cut tulips are difficult to maintain.  Within a day they were drooping, miserably.  Oh, Fame!  Such impermanent glory!  But even cut they look like this:

and I’ve always found it wonderful how, open, tulips look completely different – a surprising wildness.

In other news, I was shocked to process that today is not a February day.  It’s not a—Today is not February.  Right?

No.  Wrong.   No.  Actually, thanks to the generous surprise that is leap day, I’ve decided to officially celebrate leap week.  And if you think I’m joking, you are hilarious.

It has been an exceptionally warm February.  Quieter than most.  Less giggly.  More sweet and meaningful.  Admittedly, earlier this week I took two “days of rest.”  I have since resumed what has been a rewarding hobby – gratefully celebrating all the special people in my life.

P.S. this sentiment in food form?  

chawanmushi!  Officially my new favorite dish to make all the time.  Thank you, February.  Thank you, mon amour 🙂

Friends, let me love you more.



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