au printemps

It’s spring.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Should we believe it?

All over, hearts have been aflutter over the seemingly permanent weather change.  Common conversational themes have been: flowers, skirts, maltese-walking, and rejoicing.  “I am suspicious,” is what I keep saying.  “Chicago, you don’t fool me.”  However, unconsciously I’ve been feeding the hope that these warm days do stay a long while.  I’ve packed away the heaviest of my sweaters, cleaned my closet, become reacquainted with my things… And happily I’ve been making plans for a few new productive endeavors.  

Over this next week, I hope to make great use of this:  


A whole trash can absolutely stuffed with mail-garbage.  How maddening!  Really, Discover?  Do I really need the same credit card offers twice a week?  Look at this!


Still, I’m starting to look at it almost fondly.  I have plans for it.  Tune in next week to see if I can make a dent in it, to see if I can make something pretty from it!  Fingers are crossed.  

In other news, another sign of my inner spring green light would be the mini green house I now tend to.  It’s a new, shared ambition – to grow Hawaii indoors.  The seeds include Kona Coffee Seeds, Papaya seeds, and a random, Korean hybrid hot pepper.

So far, the hot peppers have a head start:



See the fog?  The magic working?


What do you think?  If they make it past sprouting, will the papayas be trees first?  

I must own it, I am happy it is spring.  I feel totally twitterpated, in love with everything.  Oh, please let it translate into something useful!  



2 thoughts on “au printemps

    • i should tell you, the “shared ambition” belongs to d. as well as me. we found the seeds @ a japanese mercantile mart. so they are our papaya trees, our coffee plants, our future side business of papaya peddling 🙂

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