missed calls and paper mache (part one)

I love this season!  With the exception of GOP candidates leaving messages on the answering machine every other hour, and having their wives do the same (tea next week, Ann Romney?  Sorry I missed your call), the week has been wonderful, wonderful!  I surrender.  Even if it snows again, I don’t regret the premature planting of the Korean hot peppers, and all the barefoot walking.

Ah.  My heart is happy.  And it seems to be a shared sentiment – you should have seen the people at Home Depot yesterday.  I felt like Dorothy entering Emerald City.  So much joyful industry!  The engaging smell of mulch!  Anyway, between work and dad Jay-related things, I’ve been manically making use of all extra time.  And while it may not be visible straightaway, the present reward has been a calm mind.

Last week, I showed you this growing atrocity:

Today, it is now this full:

Disappointed it’s not completely empty?  Me too, at first.  But amazingly, half of the bin was all it took to start producing the following projects…

Finally, finally I’ve started making paper again!  I used to have a plastic mould as a kid.  But check out this serious big girl vat and mould:

The extra ads and coupon clippings, with all their colored inks, shaded the pulp a gray-purple.  Here is a quarter of the trash bin, shredded, soaking, pre-pulp:

After adding a few extra touches, I brought the papers outside to dry a bit:

Incidentally, an enormous and hairy bumblebee decided that this was its sun-area, and repeatedly bullied me back inside.  This might have upset me, except I had something else to keep an eye on, anyway.  Inside I was also, periodically working on this:

That’s right.  Tis the Season, the sequel!  I can’t explain it, but there was something so right about these bowls last Christmas!  They expressed everything I meant to, which is such a rewarding feeling.  I’m compelled to make them again, with tiny adjustments, and with even more heart.  Unfortunately this is all I can show you.  As usual, they will most likely be gifts!

The surprises should be safe for spoiling next Thursday.  See you then!



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