grilled cheese and cracker jacks

It is 11:30.  I have thirty minutes to write this post.  Go.

First, Happy Opening Day, Cubs fans.  Per usual, sorry for our loss.  It makes sense now, why my dad kept pressuring me to get a certain picture developed.  He had wanted me to get it developed in time for today, which is why I found myself in Walgreens yesterday, at the one hour photo booth.

It was just after dinner.  I was about to jam my memory card into the kiosk when suddenly someone called out, “A tut tut tut!”  Turning I found an employee, much taller and larger than me, heavily swaying towards me. “You need a card for that memory card,” he pointed at me smilingly, before passing in front of me to get to his register. “And, luckily I happen to have one right here in my hand!”  I thanked him while he nodded and mhmmed.  And then he continued.  “Do you smell something?  Grilled cheese.  It smells like grilled cheese.”  I told him it was probably me, it was probably my dinner he was smelling.  Hurriedly he disagreed. “No, no, actually, I was wondering if maybe someone was making grilled cheese in the back room, and I was wondering, who is having grilled cheese without me?”  

I don’t know sir.  I have no idea.  Thankfully within the span of our chat, he went ahead and developed the photos within the minute.  As if one hour photos weren’t generous enough.  And, isn’t it cute?


oh dad!  



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