friendship, jam, and honey

There are many sweet things in this world.  We can classify ‘sweet’ by taste, of course.  Chocolate.  Cupcakes.  Jam.  Honey.  By smell we have lavender and lilacs, coffee, herbed butter melting.  There’s the smell of spring, of summer, of fall, of a cinnamon-y Christmas.  Holidays are sweet.  Music is sweet.  Pitbulls are sweet.  And for no reason whatsoever, I like to assume Ryan Gosling is pretty sweet, and that we have many things in common.  Of course, if we get to it, to the point, we can distinguish sweetness not only by sense, but by sensibility.  And by this standard, many of us might easily conclude (with some prompting by the late, great Jane Austen, or by the 2007 movie, “The Jane Austen Book Club”) that nothing is quite as sweet as a very good friendship.  

I must admit, I’ve been very blessed in the friendship department.  I can’t complain.  When I survey my life, there has always been company, always someone to exchange smiles with, from when I was very little to now.  I like smiling.  Don’t you?  But to be honest, while I can’t complain, I most certainly have complained. Justifiable or not, I’ve had my torturous share of keenly felt isolation.  Self-inflicted, usually.  Also, I haven’t always been the greatest friend in return…  So there’s that.  

Did television do this to me?  Did “Friends” set too high a standard for friendship, or, if anything, make a group of friends less than six seem less dynamic?  Did ‘Gilmore Girls’ make my real life – sans the endlessly witty dialogue, trusty neighborhood coffee shop, and rebellious bad boy secretly stealing my heart from my non-existent boyfriend – seem that much more depressing and empty?  Or, to carry on with the ‘Gilmore Girls’ reference, was I was doomed to be the closeted pop-culture whore and coincidentally Asian sidekick, the inconsequential Katherine Heigl to everyone else’s blushing bride?      

Not important.  The important thing is that as of this past December, I have been reconnected with one of my favorite friends.  And in that wonderful, forgiving way we have picked up exactly as if no time has passed whatsoever.  There’s the same page.  The soul-matey-ness.  We are just short of holding hands and skipping everywhere.  And as it would turn out, I will be a bridesmaid in her October wedding this year.  How sweet is that?  Answer: it is sweet in every sense!  Honey!  Tea!  Roses!  Scotch tape!  It is like Ryan Gosling’s abs-sweet, which might make for an awkward friendship, actually, if you really tried to apply the metaphor…  

The renewal of this friendship in particular has been a wonderful reminder of how sweet friendship is in general.  Sharing and caring and all that, and giggling especially.  It brings to mind several other good friends I’m beyond pleased to know.  Will be in touch, friends reading this.  I love you, unique and different as you all are.  Also, if you do not yet have a bird dish, please let me know before my family members start charging people money for them (as I am too cowardly to do it myself).  

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Every day is Valentine’s day!  (Had to.  You know I had to say it).


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