the news, continued as usual

This week in the tribune, I was able to follow my first four-part investigation.  Apparently generations of flame retardants, flush with chemicals, make up most of our surroundings and greatly affect our health.  The intrigue is that these obvious hazards exist thanks to a highly sophisticated, conspiratorial web made up of tobacco companies, makers of flame retardants, chemical companies, a national group of fire officials, and of course, the US government.  But seriously, did you just read the last two sentences?  Hard, right?

Yes.  You’re right.  Definitely worth the outrage.  The four-day coverage.  It’s just, have you noticed how many things there are in the news, in this world, to be outraged about?  Do you have tips on how to process such hyper-awareness on a regular basis?  I’m not being flippant.  It’s just, I increasingly realize that everybody hurts, and in so many different ways.

But onto something nice, something good.  

I could curse myself for not having my camera tonight.  Curses!  Curses!  Pancakes!  Tonight, my mother celebrated 45 years of service as a med tech, at her hospital’s annual banquet.  And while I hate banquets, I couldn’t help but bask in my mom’s incomparable glow.  She strutted to the podium with her signature swagger.  Looked excellent.  So brilliant.  The ladies in the table next to ours whispered about how wonderful she looked, how she still wore such heels.  My head and heart swelled and swelled.  

Her birthday is this weekend.  Mother’s Day as well.  I look forward to putting in great effort to celebrate her.   And, as I’m always looking for two birds, in her honor I’m also working on one of my trentechoses.  To read 30 favorite books of 30 favorite people?  I’ve started to read mom Jay’s professed favorite, The Thornbirds.  It’s an epic, generational tale set in the Australian Outback, that will probably emotionally unhinge me for the duration of the read.  Hooray!

That said, while I don’t have any pictures that can support anything I’ve written about here, look, I’m an official grower of grapes!


Also, have you ever cooked with peanut-sized shallots?  Cute and deliciously potent!


Also, have you ever seen such a shih tzu?





some sugar

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