yet another awkward moment when i realize it’s thursday, a few hours before friday

Oh friend, there you are.  Have I got a story for you.  

After pushing “Publish post” in my last entry, I made a very serious, calculating decision.  By this next Thursday (today), I swore I would finally finish my newspaper bit.  The entry spent the week composing itself.  It went something to the effect of, “Oh friend, there you are.  Have I got a story for you…”  

Of course, this would be cause for celebration.  Cheers.  A toast, to my late, great Lolo Dad.  However, after going back and forth today, I ultimately decided against lying to you.  I do not yet know how to read a newspaper properly.  This week, assaulted by an unsettling number of sensationally gruesome murder stories, I unconsciously, repeatedly fled.  The bride.  The Floridian mother of four.  It seemed like a good time to pick up ‘The Office’ again.  Weave more baskets.  Buy a serious harmonica.  I kept telling myself that next time, the next day I would finish it off, all those words and pictures.  But the news kept sucking exceptionally.  And I kept running like a non-adult.

Surprisingly I do have something exciting to show you.  Not surprisingly, it’s completely unrelated to anything I’ve heretofore mentioned.  This week, my thrilling accomplishment was making my first (and subsequently second) batch of beef jerky!  Yes, that’s right.  After a handful of serious web searches, and the monk-like resistance to buy a dehydrator, me, many spices, liquid smoke, a fresh cut of flank steak and my oven made sweet jerky together.  



Next week, something substantial.  Or lies.  Keep your fingers crossed.


some sugar

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