thursday blogging, the art, the intrigue, the card trick

I should really set an alarm for blogging.  I keep finding myself stuck with twenty minutes before the clock strikes Friday, which probably makes you feel cheated, eh Reader?  Like I put no thought whatsoever into this relationship of you anonymously reading, and me frantically trying to entertain you.  Well forgive me friend, sorry.  I’m afraid I will probably not impress you very much, this week.

This past week, thanks to Nato Monday’s extension of Memorial Day themes such as fun, friendship and shouting, I’ve enjoyed spending extra time with some good friends.  Feet dangling lazily off the table legs.  A full stomach.  Lighthearted philosophies.  And, you are probably tired of them, but I made a bird bowl or two.

The european goldfinch, for example:



And, the blue-winged warbler?

I suppose it makes for blah blogging.  But ultimately the Internet and blogging have nothing on real life, and catching up in person.  I like to think you know this, yes friend?  Let me tell you my stories with the hand motions and the high voice register and the laughing some time.  I miss you.

See you this weekend?


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