a quick announcement, a kiss!

dear friends,

Let me begin by pointing at the elephant in the room — and apologizing for it.  I am so sorry I broke all my rules, missing blogging Thursday last week.  I realize there has been something of a downward spiral with the half-hearted, time-rushed posts of late, capped off by total silence.  But to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling it last week.  I’ve been a bit fragile.    

Of course, guilt-ridden all week, I had prepared for today.  The post was half-composed by noon!  Unfortunately the more I read over it, the more I’m certain it is a post I will regret later.  You do understand, no?  It’s a self-preservation sort of thing. 

Please don’t lose faith in me, reader.  My concentration has shifted over the past few weeks, and I’m slowly emerging from my head space. I hope to show you wonderful things in the near future…

Te amo.  And, see you next week!


some sugar

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