This week I have guests.  Good guests.  Wonderful guests.  These are guests that make me happy I spent so much time cleaning, over the past few weeks.  It would have been bad if they overturned my (now disowned) copy of Coldplay’s Parachutes.  Old yearbooks.  Teeth whitening products.  My multiple copies of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter.  All is well, donated or hidden.  With the exception of my giant James Dean collage  — aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how did I just remember this??!

Anyway, because these days have all been special days, I’ve been working the kitchen like a boss.  I haven’t taken any pictures, for proof, but you should believe me.  I am not sleeping.  There are aguas frescas to make.  Breads to bake.  Cookies to frost.  Breakfasts to create.  Maybe it’s the only child in me.  My passions seem more fun when I get to share them.  And, I’ve been having so much fun.  It’s when I feel this way that I wonder how I might sustain the feeling when my guests are gone.  Creating new things – they’re not meant to be just for me.  It’s no fun, not right to pour all of yourself into yourself. No?

Sorry for the lack of photos.  Will try to snap pictures of the food I make before it gets eaten, like normal people do.  Happy living and loving my friends!


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