summer vacation

I had a conversation recently with a lovely little four-year old.  She was telling me about her seed collection, how she collects seeds from fruits and other plants, and how she keeps them in a special seed box.  ‘Do you plant them?’  I asked.  No, not yet, she just keeps them, I was informed.  This made me think of an uncle of mine, who collects those embellished spoons you see hanging in souvenir shops.  He has a shield-shaped, pegged plaque that houses them – a testament to his many travels.

This made me think of collections.  Adventures in collecting.  I read in a Martha Stewart mag about an artist who collected twine, and his daughter who collected starfish. There’s also the company I keep.  Highlights from my serious collector friends include: rocks, elephants, pigs, miniature Japanese food figurines, and ugly mermaids.  Somehow I feel less sincere with my multiple collections.  It’s what I’ve been trying to mitigate.  My too-muchness.  This past year, I have been actively trying to give away/use/barter my various reserves of tea, paper, stickers, books, lip-glosses, paper bags, and ribbons, among other things.  But you already know all this, don’t you?  I’ve already told you this, about all these things.  So, something else…

Today marks the end of what was a wonderful summer vacation.  In a way, I feel like I’ve been on a prolonged vacation since graduating.  I graduated with my Lit major, took care of my dad, and, finding myself doing nothing related to Lit, felt so unfulfilled and inadequate I started a blog.  This blog.  Which I am bad at keeping.  Obviously, it’s not enough.  But for the past three weeks, between having guests and then being one, I haven’t been worrying or brooding as usual.  In fact, I’ve been having so much fun, it’s only now, typing this, that I’m reminded of my usual hang-ups.

But, let’s not brood on not nice things today.  About the nice, the spectacular – I feel like noting it, I’ve been so happy these past few weeks.  I’ve been so happy, I want to honor the feeling by not returning so quickly to its contrast, not without a fight.  The answer is not to prolong the holiday, but to work hard for the next one, no?

Last night, waiting to board my plane ride home, I realized how different I feel, how well.  I’ve come home to my present with clearer ideas of how to handle and change it.  Step one?  Turn off the computer.  Things to do!  Step two?  Spoons to collect.


some sugar

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