a is for a great, sighing ahhh, for autumn

Dear friend,

Driving down the street yesterday, I saw it.  The pavement, where creases meet, was filled with the brightest, happiest yellow, with gold.  More wealth, of varying values and shapes and sizes, was raining, just pouring.  Leaves. Leaves. Leaves.  So wonderful.

It happens every year.  I always miss the exact moment when the trees start blushing into their winter selves.  I always notice it’s my favorite season suddenly, as if seized and shaken.  When the connection is made, when the heart resumes beating, oh, the wonders do not cease.  Autumn!  Old friend.  Wise.  Aged.  Magic.  I love the pumpkins appearing on doorsteps.  I love the deep smells of cinnamon, caramel, and ciders pervading my favorite stores and homes, as if traveling by wind to tell us, tis the season, for warmth and giving, for loving and living.

The blessings continue.  As it turns out, 80% of my favorite people on this planet have been born in October.  Today, this morning, I am actually raring to make a birthday cake, and for someone I love so much.  Is there any other way to start a morning?  It’s definitely the warmest way to wake up.

Also, tis the season for weddings!  These next two weekends are laden with weddings and wedding-related activities.  I am all wrapped up.

Forgive me for yet another Friday post, and a picture-less one at that.  But you see, I have so many things to show you.  And, not wanting to ruin the surprises I have planned, for the people I’ve planned them for, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for them.  I’ll make you a deal, though.  If you check back periodically, even today, you may get glimpses of what is coming and happening.  Live!  From real life!  You will see the finest things that make me smile so much.

Happy autumn, friend!  I could hug you.


some sugar

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