love, love, love

Do you ever have those moments when your head hangs with sudden conviction, an invisible weight just thrown on your neck, eliciting a surprised, “Ah!” as you fall forward?  I had several of those this past week.

On Saturday, I had a bachelorette tea party to set up, followed almost immediately by a wedding and its reception.  It sounds silly when you mention it.  Two joyous occasions!  But I had quite a bit on my plate, and those tugs and lurches became more frequent as the day progressed.  Ah, I used the big tumblers instead of the cute ones for the rice pudding!  Ah, those two hours of sleep were perhaps not enough!  Ah, totally left my camera at the tea party, in Lombard!  Ah, am I wearing the same dress as someone at this wedding??  Ah, perhaps I bit off more than I can chew…

In retrospect, maybe the universe was just out to get me.  But I do own the last sentiment, that maybe I did some of it to myself.  I am growing up.  I have outgrown the part of me that prioritizes fashioning paper crafts over more necessary endeavors.  But these are special edition days, days celebrating love and friendship in a way that can only (hopefully) happen once!  And, if you put that hat on my head, I will rock it or die trying.

To get the full effect of my ambitious weekend, you would have to see pictures.  Sadly, as I mentioned, the forgotten camera remains elsewhere.  Sorry if you re-visited!  I will make it up to you!  Until I retrieve the camera, I do have some spoilers for you, though.

The weekend actually began on Friday.  It was a birthday, a very special birthday.  And, the birthday included a magical cake.  I happened to have my ipod on hand, and snapped a picture of the gloriously shiny batter:


Scharffen Berger cocoa powder, the good stuff = my subtle way of emphasizing just how beloved the birthday recipient is (“cough”- SO loved).

The cake was crazy dense with all that heart.



I must also emphasize that the wedding, the following night, was quite possibly the greatest I have ever attended.  Top 5, for sure.  When I did change into another, non-matching dress, the evening was unequivocally perfect.  Amazing food.  Sweet music.  Gracious and happy bride+groom.  I also danced with the handsomest man in the whole world, which left a horribly self-satisfied smile tattooed on my face all evening.

In an hour, I leave for another wedding weekend extravaganza, where I will retrieve my camera.  In honor of the couple, I made them a wedding plate:


In the end, I can’t help but surrender.  I do like this thing called love.


some sugar

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