It seems appropriate to begin this new year with a list, for my blog based on a list.

1. Hello, friend
a. happy new year
2. Hope you are feeling better, as there is a 90% chance you caught the flu in the past month
a. if you’re still sick, I’ve recently become acquainted with the excellent, incomparable Minor’s soup base which may just heal your life, as it did mine.
b. think I am making Minor’s soup based-soup all winter, if you want to come over.
3. Found a sweet quote recently, a Japanese proverb
a. “If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”
4. Currently sipping a deeply aged pu’erh that tastes like ancient China
a. think it has put some poetry in me
5. I’ve been reflecting on past themes from past years, over the past few days
a. my old obsession with trimming waste and excess comes to mind
6. Looking around my room, I must giggle
a. my trim could stand to lose a few more pounds
b. for instance, there are those language books I could be better about perusing… IMG_1431c. journals I could write more in?
IMG_1433d. cookbooks to cook from
IMG_1424e. poets to learn fromIMG_1426

f. and i do like novels
IMG_1417g. the novels (divided by country), shed light on the purse collection hanging above them
IMG_1427h. the necklaces hanging beside them
IMG_1418i. wait, what letter am I on?
IMG_1435j? k? I have seriously sung the alphabet four times already
IMG_1434k. on the bright side, it looks like the Christmas chocolates are disappearing
IMG_14237. The embarrassment of this accumulation aside, I’ve realized that the original intent behind owning these things was to enjoy them
a. in my old earnestness to deplete my waste completely, I found myself weighed down by all I failed to enjoy, ultimately
8. This year, I want to enjoy what I already have.
a. I want to read all books, cook all recipes, wear all my jewelry, and gratefully smear each and every balm over my dry lips this 2013
b. I will proceed to share more with you, feed you more, kiss you more
9. But seriously, friend, seriously, I cannot go shopping with you for the next three months.
10. P.S. Have I told you I love you?
a. I love you.
b. again, happy, happy new year.

Also, P.P.S. Did you see my new ‘about me’ section?  In my effort to uphold my official NY resolution, to be more confident, I decided to put up a picture of myself!  3/4 of my face, anyway.  It seemed like my right arm was disproportionally larger than my left, which is why I lopped it off.  The confidence bit is still a work in progress, you see…

Hooray for 2013!


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