quick kisses, running goodbyes

On my filipino side of the family, everything happens quickly.  Everyone talks fast, moves fast.  When my cousins enter a party, it is amazing how quickly they cover a room, how they never miss a cheek to cordially kiss, an elder to respectfully greet.  And it’s loud.  Very loud.  Whenever a party is over, and goodbye kisses are flung around, the sudden silence is as deafening as the feeling is satisfactory…

Today, I must tap into this inner quickness in me.  For whatever reason, my apple charger is not working.  In minutes, possibly seconds, the power on my laptop will cease to exist.  So, a few quick things, a running kiss goodbye:

1. Today, a nest in my crab apple tree sagged under the weight of the whitest, brightest snow

photo 2-1

and Christmas lights.  Must remove those…

2. Gigi face-planted, and this is what that looks like

photo 5

3. About last week, that secret baby cake I wrote about, before covering it in fondant the next day:

DSC09815as it turns out, fondant is no joke!  It takes serious muscle, which I depressingly realized I do not have.


I also do not have fondant tools.  Should buy, next time.  The leaves, covering the lumpy bits, were shoddily cut by butter knife, to the chagrin of my low back.

5. P.S. for the record:


it’s a girl.

6. Seriously, friend, seriously.  I’m pushing it.  Must visit the apple store tomorrow.
a. love you, friend, love you.
b. we have serious things to talk about next week!


One thought on “quick kisses, running goodbyes

  1. Elisa, dear friend,

    Sorry to always be planning in advance but do you have time to meet for tea next week? Tuesday AM perhaps? Or… Availability to spend this weekend in Effingham with Lu and I? Sorry it’s so last minute….

    In any event, love you and hope you’re having a nice week!! x

    Jennifer L. Hartmann

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