valentine’s week, valentine’s hour

photo 3The big day is over, and still the month continues.  It continues with extra concentration for me, at the moment, because a huge project is in the works as we speak, and I only have a few more hours to complete it.  I can’t wait to tell you about it, next post.  But for now, I am distracting myself, momentarily, before the official jump down the rabbit hole.

This past week has been the kitchen sink  There have been many highs, and surprisingly a few lows.  The lows come as no surprise to most people, as we live in a world called “reality.”  But lows are especially injurious to me in the month of February.  They shake my fixed senses.  I feel as if I’m battling a dragon of reason, that I am struggling to make sense of a month that is inherently magical, but also inexplicably bluesy this year.  Fingers are crossed that in the next 14 days, magic will win.

This week, there were multiple trips to the post office (see above picture).  And, ground-delivered valentines were equally exciting to deliver.  There were the quotable coasters, which came affixed with a bag of tea…

photo 2

photo 4It should be noted that tulle fixes everything, makes everything fancy and cute!  I have a small collection of rolls, and they provide boundless creative security.  Does this mean I am going to die alone?  I am probably going to die alone.

Speaking of things I hoard, before Valentine’s month started, I came across these beautiful plastic containers that were marked “quinceanera” themed.  They were two dollars for ten.  And who can resist these lids?

photo 2A week later, at Farmer’s Market in Niles, I found the peanut butter to the quinceanera’s jam.  A pound of pink Himalayan salt.

photo 1-1

Does it taste better because it’s pink?  Who knows.  But I have always been a fan.  Armed with such riches, I proceeded to fill the containers at home:

photo 2-1I never noticed this until recently, but what says “Happy Valentine’s” quite like this handful?

photo 3-1le sigh!

Now, as packages are still arriving, I think I will opt out of sharing what is in them.  I have a feeling my next post will be so encumbered with pictures of the next 48 hours that the packages’s contents will be kind of anti-climactic.  But, as a lot of work went into making them, you will inevitably be introduced.

For now, I must go back to working on my big project.  But I want you to know that, though this February has been different, it has also been very much the same.  Somehow there is always the unannounced wonder, the well-placed butterfly kiss.  One hour, when I was feeling distinctly lonely, the corner of my eye caught some furtive movement behind me, in my room.

photo 4

Turning, I watched a jasmine flower slowly unfold itself from the climbing plant I bought a week ago.  It emoted so many quiet feelings, with a kind of modest pride.  Though it sounds deeply cliche, caught in the moment, I didn’t feel alone at all.


some sugar

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