bang, bang (ticks the clock)

photo 2

Apologies, friend.  Apologies!  I am terribly late to the party that is this blog conversation, and I am very sorry.  This past week has been excellent, too.  So much has transpired to make my heart very light.  But for the past three days, the pictured tools have been some of the only friends I’ve been surrounded by.  I am in the heat of very serious baby-shower-invitation making.  And, during the process, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

1. After these invites, I am taking a serious hiatus.

The invites, and the person who I am making them for, all make me very happy.  However, I confess I’m suffering from a sense of loss, of time and my more natural resources.  This weekend we all lose an hour.  And I find myself grasping for that hour back, as if it would lessen the weight of all the other hours I’ve spent away from pursuing my more personal destiny.

2. I must take a break from the invasive, accidental “yes”

Yes, I like the word “yes.”  It is so much easier and pleasanter to say than no.  And, it is an honor to be considered a reliable source of help – for projects and babies and sweet treats.  But I think the indispensable nature of my yes has often become mistaken for my being available all the time.  Perhaps my part-time occupation suggests an excess of time.  If so, I’ve been unclear.  Most of that extra time is still spent caring for my dad, with even less time for my quieter ambitions.  So, no.  I must learn the word no.  Or non, as the fancy French say.

3.  I am going on a trip, an adventure.  Will send postcards.

It has taken forever for me to be honest with myself, as I have been with you — that I’d like to be a writer, and if it also works out, a painter.  But now that this realization is hardening into my reality, it has occurred to me that I now have to write and paint all the damn time.  Like work.  Real work.  And oh dear — I am very, very behind!  Having surveyed the ruins, salvaging for value, I must now travel deep.  Mining for gold.  Please don’t be offended by my subsequent scarcity.  I am making something.

4. In contrast to everything I’ve just said, I’ve recently joined Twitter (eletter) and Pinterest (e_letters).

If someone could please explain hashtags to me, I think I might find a spare minute to bake you a cake, before my great descent.

5. Bang, bang, invitation making is loud.

Hopefully the neighbors are loving it.


I must return to the invitations, but for now, this is goodbye.  In the meantime, keep that cup of tea and friendship warm for me, my friend.  I miss you already, and can’t wait to catch up.


some sugar

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