gigi’s birthday

Friend.  Wait.  Before you judge, let me go ahead and play all of my cards.  We have the recently flooded card.  The perpetually sick dad card.  The indecisive artist card.  Remember all of these cards I have in my hand before you proceed to mock me in your head.

That said, today was Gigi J’s birthday.  And I kind of celebrated it with all my heart.

In case you don’t know who Gigi is, let me introduce you:

photo 1

She is a shih tzu.

I can guess what you’re thinking.  It seems predictable that I would have a shih tzu, and that I would celebrate its birthday.  But this is not true.  Gigi Jay belongs to my mother, and I think G is ridiculous 99% of the time.  I am a big-dog kind of girl.  Pit bulls.  Labradors.  Shepherds.

Still, if there is a day to put aside any differences, it is for a birthday.  And for some strange reason, with everything happening – from the flood cleanup, to my dad’s oscillating health – celebrating the birthday of a shih tzu seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

Not convinced?  Cupcakes were involved:

2AE9D6E4-F1F5-4C95-8FB3-ABC6F5F44E6DVanilla cupcakes, with a strawberry filling and a cream cheese icing.

Also, I made a hat:

photo 3

photo 2

When we arrived with our cupcakes, the nurses swarmed.  They wished Gigi a happy birthday.  They pet her, and licked icing off their hands.  In his room, dad J wished Gigi a happy birthday, too.  Smiling, he ate his celebratory cupcake with gusto, while  Gigi ate her non-iced version

photo 4

photo 5I must say, there was great joy in the moment.  There we were, our tiny family, world-weary, war-torn, and  yet, happily indulging in this silly and uncomplicated celebration.  It made me think that, when it comes down to it, a birthday party for a shih tzu is not so insignificant.

Anyway, happy spring.  As the flood waters recede, green, green, green has been revealing itself.

F474B6A9-6D1D-464C-A410-345C240ACFA6revealing more things to celebrate.


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