friendship and fiestas

It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The sun seems to grow brighter as the day progresses into night.  Tulips, my favorite, are suddenly everywhere, waving secrets in cupped hands.  It warms my heart to see them, whenever they are in season.

Too bad my guilty conscience is ruining this wonderful occasion.  Of all things to feel bad about, why is missing blogging  for a week one of them?  And yet there is a distinct heaviness in me that I cannot shake.  So here I am, friend.  And I am frankly in a rush.  This beautiful day is waiting for me to join it.  Allons-y, it says, over and over.

Last night some friends came over.  It was somewhat last minute, which automatically made it taco night.  I highly recommend this tradition.  So delicious, fiestas.  And quick.  Easy.

All you need, really, is a mandolin to slice the radishes, jalapeños.  Tomatoes and avocados to dice.  And the flavor profile is pretty predictable.  Cilantro+lime+red onions+hooray=


We sipped on a complimentary Malbec.  Laughed at nerdy jokes.  And then came the equally zero-hassle dessert, some bananas foster!

1 stick of butter+a few handfuls of brown sugar+sliced bananas+rum+fire=

4048ABB4-4F83-4739-A25A-C55323D888E7(+French vanilla ice cream=)

557E719F-35FA-4ECE-B7F5-0369F02C78BCJe heart zeee French in French vanilla ice cream.  Ooh la la!  

We finally poured some tea.  We snuggled on the couch.  And we proceeded to watch ‘Return to Oz,’ a wonderful, traumatic movie everyone must experience at least five times.

I won’t spoil it for you.  But I will suggest, if you haven’t seen it before, to make lots of popcorn to willfully distract yourself with, whenever something creepy surprises you.  In our case, we annihilated our bowls of kettle corn and rosemary popcorn:E8EF12D0-E0EC-4FF4-9153-0C74540F54E6

While I can’t promise an exact duplication of the conversations, the friendship, the 2 am departure, I can promise that these details might complete you for a fleeting moment.  And I like the feeling, however temporary, of feeling full.

This past week, I’ve reconnected with a handful of people I haven’t seen or talked to in a good long while.  It inspired me to reach out to more people I haven’t spoken to, to tie up conversations I left hanging, to apologize for being so bad at saying hello.  I know it’s difficult, impossible to keep up with everyone all at once, especially as we grow older.  However, what is this life for but to celebrate the people you are given, to show them that you love them?

For the record, I’m sorry if we’ve fallen out of touch, you and I.  Millions of excuses, and none really matter.  But you must know that you are loved, friend, don’t you?  Oh, so much!


2 thoughts on “friendship and fiestas

  1. You know what’s even sillier? I was there, right up to the 2am talk and I’m still feeling vaguely guilty for not having read this recap and posted a comment sooner. Alas for all our endless stream of activity online and the vague sense of duty to be instantaneous in our responses. I clearly need more of these evenings where all sense of time floats away and you can just be there with people who ‘get’ what matters and what matters to you. 🙂

    • ah, no guilt allowed! i had too great a time reveling in our friendship that evening. and you’re right, we definitely have to have more of those nights, as well as some of those field trips we were talking about. love you much, friend.

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