dear reader, recaps

It is Saturday morning, and I confess I have nothing for you.  No pictures that you haven’t already seen.  No deep confessions.  No knotted, internalized, psychological warfare to untangle in front of you.  So, how about a list?  This week’s recaps, listed:

1. Argued with m. forker, via text, about Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors,’ and it was hands down the highlight of my week.

2. This seems vaguely pathetic, but please consider my week.  Dad j had an angiogram, followed immediately by an angioplasty on Wednesday.
a. Who wouldn’t want to distract themselves with a little 20/20?  Some suits, some ties?

3. P.S. Dad Jay is fine.
a. Back at the rehab center, we conspiratorially discuss Mother’s Day and laugh to ourselves.

4. On another bright note, it has also become blazingly obvious that Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in the whole year
a. as evidenced by my crab apple tree, which is a day shy of completely blooming

5. Have been painting, when I can, on a brand new easel.
a. new things always make me more gentle, more deliberate. I am trying to treat everything like a new thing these days.

6. Also, hearing everyone talk about Gatsby the movie has weighted me with some heavy ennui
a. I actually wanted this blog post to be about Gatsby. But I’d rather read the book again, before unleashing the fury and passion worthy of a book that is so important to me.  A book that captivates me over almost any other.

imagesNope.  Baz Luhrmann is cool.  But no one is cooler than Fitzgerald.

7. Judging from the trailer, the movie seems to heavily encircle Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan’s great romance.
a. but News Flash: there is no great romance between Daisy and Gatsby, that transcends all of time and space.  It’s terribly impermanent.  A fake.  A sham.
b. and Spoiler Alert: The great romance of the story lies entirely within Gatsby himself, in all of his beautifully sincere ideals.  It would be difficult to translate something so internal for a massive audience, I think.

8.  Ah, there I go.  The official rant will have to be another day, as I must leave for work soon.  But stay tuned for it.

9. Should rant about Fitzgerald every Saturday morning!  I’m quite awake now — though I’ll have to deal with the excessively pounding heart-beats eventually.

10. This week, I spent stolen moments of free time gathering things for the great holiday that is Mother’s Day, tomorrow.
a. a wonderful tradition – I am quite excited.

Will keep you posted, you wonderful friend.

heart, heart, heart


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