succulents and clark gables

At some point it hit me.  SUCCULENTS.  Adorable.  Interesting.  Cheeky names.  Many varieties.  It has come to a point where, whenever I see them, my heart curls into itself and purrs.  As a result, I’ve been surreptitiously collecting them.  And yesterday, I finally acquired a home for them.

Sitting on the deck, the new bowl at my feet, I began the meditative process of trying to fit almost a dozen unique specimens into a fixed space.  I had to have moved each plant at least ten times.  It was becoming horrible quickly, with juicy leaves snapping off in the wake of my clumsy hands.  But as I got into it, and began to gently press the remaining earth into place, I thought of a few things…

1. Clark Gable.

Recently, I revisited GONE WITH THE WIND.  In high school, the sole reason I endured the hours of epic heartache, multiple times, was always this.  ONLY this:

Unknown-1I never liked Scarlett.  I couldn’t empathize with someone so mean and conniving, however beautiful.  Afterwards, in college, I had a roommate who was exactly like her, which made me have mild panic attacks during later viewings…  But my most recent experience was different.  For the first time in my life, I actually shared a feeling or two with Scarlett O’Hara, I understood all her misunderstandings.  And even though she is still crazy, I could at least accept what Rhett Butler did.  And frankly, it made him even hotter for enduring her.

But seriously, not only is Rhett Butler a phenomenal fictional character, but he is also played by someone like Clark Gable?  Oh man.  Watching this as an adult brought on premature hot flashes.

2.  Also on the subject of aging, as it turns out, my number raises in a day or two.  Of course this brings on thoughts of the ever present LIST that you occasionally hear about on this blog.  I was googling “hot air balloons chicago” the other day.  I panicked to find out what an ordeal it is, that there are not hot-air-balloon-fairs available whenever I feel like going to one.  Also, “tea with someone famous or with someone who thinks that I am famous”?  Really?

Never mind, we will figure it out.  After all, tomorrow is another day!  But while I’m at it, thank you for being here, and for patiently putting up with my inability to check things off my own list.  Worry you not.  I will satisfy it, and we will toast to lists and aging, and laugh with our happiest smiles.

In the meantime, I must head to work.  Promise me you will come over someday, and look at this?IMG_1312


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