sweet spooky spooky sweet

It’s an odd reality when, pulling your sleep mask over your eyes and cuddling further into your covers, you suddenly realize you forgot to blog.  Instinctively, I feel this isn’t important.  My covers pull closer to me.  I snuggle comfortably in my convictions…

But oh, hi, hello.  And p.s. happy halloween.

Admittedly it is super late, and I am really hoping to catch a few winks.  But today was filled with a few adventures, and I would very much like to share them.  At least, I should share the highlight of this holiday,


photophoto 3Please know, the torture only lasted the duration of the photo-taking.  Promise.  And if it helps, she was compensated with heavy hugging and squeezing.

As fate would have it, this year’s Halloween was destined to only be adorable to me.  At no point did my heart pick up uneasily.  I saw no clowns.  I didn’t even get to watch the bevy of horror flicks from a list I had eagerly compiled, early October.  Nope.  Today, I was doomed to only be exposed to cute things, and I aww’ed and giggled and loved everything accordingly.

In the A.M. I had two stops, which consisted of three children to see.  My cousin’s cutie face twins, and my dear friend’s brilliant, 3-year old, Z.  All three have allergies – egg and dairy.  So, as a holiday treat, I took a stab at vegan cupcakes.  Ta da!

IMG_1572Not a proud Bourdain moment.  But these weren’t terrible.  To mask the coconut milk and oils, I stuffed the cupcakes with a strawberry filling.   And I used a really good vanilla to spice up the frosting.

Afterwards, at home to pass out treats, the doorbell remained silent.  The rain was furious.  In the absence of trick-or-treaters, I randomly decided to pull the garden’s crop of carrots, finally.  Don’t ask me why this seemed like a good idea in the pouring rain.  But I had a moment.  A liberating, movie moment.  And when I emerged from the garden, having rinsed off the mud with a garden hose, this was my blessing:IMG_1582Eventually, Gigi sounded off the arrival of tiny visitors.  Candy was distributed by the handfuls.  I pondered the Great Pumpkin with Linus, in my room.  And here I am, the shiver of holiday celebration still beating faintly within me.





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