an every day

While my dad sits with a microwavable neck warmer, draped over his shoulders, I am stealing a few minutes to say hello to you.  Hello, friend, how are you?  Hope you are having a magnificent day.

Admittedly it is evening already, here.  Bedtime.  And I am only now beginning to notice.  The day stretched to night so effortlessly.  I am trying to persuade myself to come down, to rest, to close my eyes and sleep.

This morning, mom J was preparing to take her leave.  To Florida!  To the sunshine state!  To spend some time with her beloved sisters and bask in her retired glory.  Wonderful for her, though unfortunately this is how Gigi took it:


IMG_1605Because I am cut from her same fabric, we took turns apologizing to each other.  She felt sorry about leaving me with everything, all responsibilities.  I felt bad that she felt bad.  And so on.  But in the end, we said goodbye with the bold determination to enjoy ourselves in our different capacities, and I watched her become enveloped in a series of sliding glass doors.

Mom J is now safely arrived in FL.  And the day has been spent running errands, lunching with my favorite cousin, and listening to dad J recount his day at the adult care center.  He told me his two favorite jokes.  I checked his blood glucose, and deemed it okay for a little ice cream.  I’ve also been cleaning, and have subsequently discovered all of Gigi’s snack stash secrets.

The point is, it  has been a very unoriginal day.  Unglamorous in its simplicity.  But it is a good day.  A wonderful every day sort of day.  A day spent with an ultimate awareness of who is in your life, while being so grateful for them.


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