a new year

The truth is, I am getting married.

I almost didn’t tell you.  I tried to compose posts about anything from aging to Egypt, and on one desperate occasion, I seriously considered adding to the Duck Dynasty conversation.  But the reality is, becoming engaged is akin to a wildflower – spreading its roots rapidly, growing extra where plucked, until every inch of ground is covered.  It is a whoop.  A holler.  A wonderful tradition.  And though this may sound cliche, it genuinely feels like I’ve sprouted wings.  —- All very hard things to conceal.

To the friends and family reading this, whose love I have felt, thank you so much.    I didn’t realize engagements warranted so many hugs.  And I’ve been so grateful for them.  I’ve needed them.  They have been comforting, and cheering in the most happy way.

Not that I’ve been very unhappy.  But back on earth, I’ve been having trouble with the traditional hand motions.  My primary offense, so far, has been the inability to mass-share the good news personally.  And then, that demand for detail – how tricky!

Having been engaged for a little over two weeks, I can at least tell you this.  Most key wedding needs are now bolted.  Set.  Ambient details – the existences of which will neither make nor break the getting married part – are all that are left.  I’m sorry to take the fun out of everything.  But sadly, I think we only have to enjoy the wait!

Which brings me to you, reader.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve been distant and quiet.  I’ve needed some time and space to wrap my head around the overwhelmingly generous changes transpiring.  To focus on who I am marrying, and what a blessing he is.  All personal things.

Now between you and me, we have other things to discuss!  And I promise not to inundate you with too much wedding.  Because other events are coming that don’t involve cake.  There is the sudden necessity to remember what this blog is about, and why I write it.  The sudden prospect of moving, and needing to prepare for it.  Also, I believe a certain month is on the horizon.  And my irises are already heart-shaped.  

Next we meet, it will be a new year.  20-1-4.  And to be honest, I can’t wait to share it with you.  You, my friend, who have kept me afloat, in a sea I have not always known how to swim.  I hope I can be as useful to you.

Happy, happy new year and love, love, love!


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