sad, happy, oh! (part one)

Without boring us all to death, a quick summation: Internet BAD, AT&T NO GOOD, weeks, waiting, STILL waiting, and now, here, sipping chai latte at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop.

Obviously this is destiny’s way of elbowing me in the face for all the times I have boasted my lack of dependence on the Internet. For casually leaving my phone in my coat pockets. For responding to texts and messages hours, days later, when I finally receive them. But karma is cleverer than I expected, because it waited until the most inconvenient and vulnerable moment to personally deprive me of the world wide web.

Since last writing you, I have realized many new things.

1. I am moving
2. I am moving far, out of state
3. My honeymoon destination! Wow!
4. Oh yes, and marriage! Still made up of every exclamation point in the world.

Over lunch, a friend of mine made the great point that changes usually have to be big to be effective. But doesn’t it seem a bit extreme? I wonder, peevishly, suddenly aware of all things like that lunch — already dearly, dearly missed.

Internet-less, I have tried to make the most of more primitive resources. At the library I perused the Travel section, before borrowing ‘Dances With Wolves’ on DVD (because, sometimes I miss Kevin Costner). I’ve also taken to asking everyone for advice. And listening. And wondering. And listening some more.

But missing everything and everyone, this has been my main pastime.

And something else, too. Something on my mind. But I will tell you next week. Because it is in a different tone. Somber and sad, and wholly unrelated to me, my joys and the triumph of love.


3 thoughts on “sad, happy, oh! (part one)

  1. E! (That is you, not the TV channel)
    Congratulations. How exciting. One can never have too many exclamation points on topics associated with the love of ones life. Life is made up of the little things, not the big things. Big things come around once in a while. The little things are there every day, every minute when we look. A lunch, a smile, a wink across the room, a conspiratorial grim across the table or over the pillows. It is watching someone when you have done something nice for them – even if they don’t smile.

    Songs begin, songs end. Can’t start another song until the other has ended. I hope that the blog continues into the next song.

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