30 things to do before 30

oh nineteen, you were a good age.  a good age to write lists.

1. ride a hot air balloon

2. write a tragic fairy tale

3. learn to read a newspaper properly

4. read war and peace

5. speak french fluently

6. know flowers and their meanings

7. discover something and share it with the world.

8. have tea with someone famous or with someone who thinks i’m famous

9. learn at least one more language

10. go camping

11. play piano “fluently”

12. catch a fish

13. build a fire

14. build a wedding cake

15. knit something wearable

16. learn another instrument

17. read the Good Word in its entirety

18. find photos a home

19. disappear one week at least

20. draw a masterpiece (by someone else’s standard) and give it away

21. read thirty favorite books of thirty favorite people

22. grow a garden

23. write a love letter and send it

24. cross an ocean to visit a friend

25. pick up shark-ery of some sort

26. ballroom dance

27. learn to sew

28. grant a wish, secretly

29. teach something i know

30. be in fantastic shape by thirty, at thirty


some sugar

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