hello, let’s shake hands


about me,

When I first started this blog, it was based on a list I wrote when I was nineteen.  The list?  30 Things to Do Before 30.  And, given its ambition and general unreasonableness, I can only assume I never actually dreamed of turning thirty when I wrote it.  As for the me starting the blog, I was on the mend.  Upon graduating from college, I immediately poured a lot of time and effort into caring for my dad, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s the same year.  Spending time with him is sweet.  However, as the years passed, I found myself unhappy, disappointed I had not made more of myself by my mid-twenties.  Providentially the list reappeared – the list of a younger, dreamier version of myself.  It seemed like a good place to start, to mine for change.

3-0 is a few years away.  And, a good three-quarters of the list remains.  However, as my adventure in blogging has progressed, I find myself writing less about a list and more about the things I love, the things that make me happy, things that give me hope.  Common, recurring themes?  Oh, family, friendship, tea, baked goods, wrapped goods, heart-shapes, and so on.  On the back burner is always the list, always the intent to accomplish it like they do in the movies.  But on good days, when this world is just too wonderful, when learning something new is too irresistible, I find myself waving my latest distraction in the air, fishing for soul mates.  For you, friend.  For you!

Thank you for visiting.  I can never decide whether I should write on Thursdays or Fridays.  Maybe you can visit me both days, and we can grow the things we love together.

a bientot,

~ e.



6 thoughts on “hello, let’s shake hands

  1. 😀 😀 😀 I’d like to say that I found you finally, but maybe it was a text message that sent me here… peut être.

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